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Antique Black Deluxe Edition

by Decay, the Llama

Intro 01:04
Gold 02:22
Still Hated 03:44
Help 03:12
One 01:48
Soul Blast 04:10
The Emcee 01:50


In 2005 I dropped an album called In Retrospect that I worked on with my friends Ubiq and Chantalism of Maintenance Crew and Selfish. I uploaded some tracks to Soundclick and got some attention. This cat Fluent hits me up on there and asks if I wanted to work on some music. He wanted to communicate through email only. No phone conversation and no hanging out in person. Being a novice I was thrown off a little by it but eager to work. Fluent and I embarked on a mission to make a piece of art without meeting.
I started by writing a few verses to beats he sent and then started fleshing out ideas for songs. We thought about group names and album titles before landing on City Slick - The Antique Black. About 10-11 songs in, Fluent stopped communication. He was going through something on his end but on my end it looked like he just bailed. I pushed aside the project and started working on some other stuff. The DJ I worked with at the time, Monky, started planting the seeds that would lead to a collaboration with Memo of The Molemen and eventually an album with that collective.
Fluent popped back up. The tracks I recorded prior to that felt old and so most I didn't keep. We basically started from scratch and created The Antique Black. During that process Selfish started vibing with the music and asked me to tell Fluent he wanted to work with him. Fluent started sending him beats as well and Uncut Raw was born. We recorded both albums in my apartment around the same time so there was a lot of energy that flowed through both albums that connected them. And Selfish was like my brother, we were inseparable at that time.
The album was released in April of 2007 and was well received. We produced and promoted everything ourselves. We didn't do too bad since we were able to reach you. Thank you for being a part of the ride with us. My brothers and I started our Green Llama journey with this album. It will always have a special place in my heart.
I added a few songs on this deluxe version that were "ready" for public consumption. Inauguration Day I made well after the release of the album but still in that beginning period. It celebrates Barack Obama being elected. The other songs were either changed or didn't make the album. There are a ton of other songs from that time but these were the ones that preserve the feeling of The Antique Black the best. Peace.


released May 1, 2020

Lyrics: Decay, the Llama

Beats: Fluent (except #8 - Ill Don)

Guests: Tone Liv, Selfish, Ill Don, Scheme (Navarro), Rashid Hadee, Finale

Art: ST!ZO


all rights reserved



Decay, the Llama Chicago, Illinois

Veteran emcee from Chicago. Formerly part of Molemen Records, co-founder of Green Llama Movement. Sole owner and proprietor of Filthē Analects Record Company.

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